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Fashionable Vaping Trends for Hair Stylists

If you work in a hair salon, a nicotine addiction is almost certainly going to be detrimental to your workflow. This is particularly true when you have a queue of customers waiting to have their hair cut and styled. As soon as you finish up with one client, another is already waiting to take a seat in your chair.

Needless to say, in a situation like this, you really don’t have time to step outside for a smoke. Your clients have places to be of their own, and the last thing they want to see is you standing outside the front door puffing on a cigarette when you could be inside tending to their hair.

Furthermore, having a hair stylist loitering outside the salon smoking a cigarette does not reflect particularly well on the establishment. It’s going to broadcast the wrong kind of message about the salon and give passers-by the impression that you don’t run a very professional operation.

Of course, you also can’t get away with smoking inside of the salon whilst styling hair. To begin with, smoking indoors is against a host of ordinances and regulations. But even if it weren’t, your customers aren’t going to enjoy sitting in a smoke-filled salon waiting for their turn in the chair. Instead, they’ll just take their business somewhere else.

A Smoke-Free Solution for Today’s Hair Stylists

The good news is that there’s a thoroughly enjoyable alternative to smoking. These days, you can simply invest in an e-cigarette purchased from a shop like www.thevapercaper.com.au. Depending on the rules of the salon, you may be able to vape inside without causing any problems at all.

The great thing about e-cigarettes is that the vapour they produce isn’t nearly as obtrusive as cigarette smoke. Not only that, it typically has a pleasant aroma that isn’t likely to irritate anyone in the first place.

Beyond that, the vapour is – as the word suggests – really just steam. It isn’t going to sting the eyes of absorb into your clothing. Your clients aren’t going to leave your shop with the smell of cigarette smoke in their hair. Instead, they’ll leave feeling refreshed and excited about their new look.

It should be noted that not all hair salons are going to allow vaping inside. In some cases, it may be determined that the clientele would prefer to have their hair cut and styled in a vape-free zone. But rules like this are going to vary from one establishment to the next.  

Make a New Fashion Statement by Vaping

Furthermore, many of the e-cigarettes available from websites such as www.thevapercaper.com.au are very fashionable in their own right. As a hair stylist, you may find that vaping actually contributes to your overall look and even makes you appear more fashionable. It is certainly much more becoming than puffing away on a cigarette. So if you work as a hair stylist and have grown tired of repeatedly stepping outside to feed your nicotine habit, consider taking up vaping instead.